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Crowns and Dentures
Restorative Dentistry, including Composite White Fillings
Teeth Whitening
Diode Laser for Periodontal Tissue (Gum) Oral Surgery
Cleanings and Exams
Deep Scalings
Fluoride Treatments for Children
Oral Cancer Screening


We would like to make our patients aware of our sterilization process to build confidence in our ability to bring you quality dental care and a sterile environment. We have just restored our office and put in a sterilization center within OSHA standards. In our sterilization process, we use an ultrasonic with cleaning solution, then we put them in a steam sterilizer . We do weekly spore testing to make sure that our sterilizing equipment is performing to the highest standards. Also, we use disposable plastics in the dental operatories; and anti viral anti bacterial solutions to clean the equipment. Every person gets a new sterilized hand piece.

About Implants

Implants are placed in the jaw by an Oral Surgeon. Generally, there is a healing time of three months before a crown can be prepared for the placement on the implant. Implants are made of titanium metal, and are surgically placed in the jaw. People who have to have a tooth extracted may opt for an implant instead of a bridge. The new technology of implant placement is very safe and there is a high success rate with a minimum amount of pain.

About Crowns

We make crowns from two different materials. Most crowns are made of porcelain on high noble metal, but some can be made of gold. Porcelain crowns are more esthetic, but gold crowns can be more functional on molar teeth that don't have a lot of tooth structure left. A process of shaping the tooth by a drill into a small peg like structure and an impression is how the crown is prepared. Then it is sent to a lab for the final construction.

Hygiene Department

Cleanings and exams are mostly done by our Hygienists. A routine cleaning is recommended every six months. Insurances pay for cleanings and exams twice a year. Also if the gum tissue is unhealthy, a periodontal scaling of the pockets around the teeth may be recommended. This will clear the area of bacteria, and then a special anti-bacterial agent will be placed.

Children are also recommended for cleanings and exams every six months. With this process, a fluoride treatment will be given to children under the age of thirteen, once a year.

Teeth Whitening

There are two options offered at our practice to whiten teeth. The first, is an in-house method using the Diode Laser. A special solution is placed on the teeth and the laser is wanded over the area to whiten them. This process takes approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.

The other is a take-home method using individually made trays. These upper and lower trays are made in our office. A solution is given to the patient to put inside the trays. This process takes two weeks, using the trays and solution for only two hours at a time. There is a price difference between these two options. Please call to for any pricing questions.